Untitled (Revor)

180x180cm 7 frames

Wood, resonance speakers, MP3 players and one sound signal for each frame.


Photo: Jenny Ekholm and Sara Wallgren

Each of the 7 frames have a resonance speaker placed inside of it. The resonance speaker uses the pine wood as the membrane for the sound to disperse in the room. Each frame also have it’s own sound file, so that when you walk through the installation you walk through 7 different ”curtains” of sound hearing the sound further away through the sound you have closest to you. The sound used is a manipulated sound of a 4 cm big meditation bell.

I have always been fascinated by the sounds of bells, and also the symbolic value that so many different types of bells have. I worked with the sound so as to give the original sound different weight and size. In reality it means that some of the sounds have a low frequency, so that they sound like church bells while other sound files play the sound of a ringing tone.